Got a problem?

Do you have an unresolved problem? What can you do?

At Fairview Heights State School we continually focus on making things better for our school community as a whole. We believe that we can develop and improve through open communication and our ability to listen and take into account the many perspectives that exist on issues that may arise throughout the school year.
If at some stage you feel that things are not going too well or there has been a particular incident that has concerned you, then by all means talk to us so that the matter can be resolved as soon as possible. Sometimes people think that if they make a complaint, then they will be thought of badly or their kids will become the focus for increased attention. This is anything but the case as at Fairview we are as concerned as you are that our students and their families are happy at our school. All issues are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner. There are processes and support structures in place to enable parents/carers and students to work through any problems that they may have with the School or its members.

When making a complaint, it is in the best interest of complaint resolution to ensure that you:

  • provide complete and factual information in a timely manner
  • deliver your complaint in a non-threatening and non-abusive manner; and
  • always remember that there are two or more side to a story which means that all these must be considered when reaching a solution.

You should be aware that if you are making a complaint about a staff member, in most instances the staff member will be told of the complaint and offered the right of reply. You also have the right to a have a support person participate throughout the process.
Serious Issues- If your complaint relates to suspected official misconduct or criminal activity then you should make your complaint directly to the Crime and Misconduct Commission or the Queensland Police Service.

More Minor Issues - General concerns can be dealt with by the school. You can use the following contact points to raise your complaint.

  1. Discuss your concern with the teacher.
    If your concern relates to progress in class, relationships with others in the class or homework issues, you can make an appointment by phoning the office as soon as possible. Share the information you have with the teacher and give the teacher the opportunity to tell you all he or she knows about the problem. Together, both parent/carer and teacher should then take steps to resolve the problem at this level.
  2. Records of complaints
    The teacher will make a record of the complaint and report your meeting and any outcomes to the school principal.
  3. Contact the Principal
    You may wish to speak with the Principal if any issue remains unresolved or to discuss the issues further. Alternatively you may ask the Principal to act as a go-between in informal conflict resolution with a staff member in attempt to resolve the problem. If your complaint is related to the school more generally including issues of school policy or its compliance or non-compliance you should raise them directly with the Principal. The Principal will make a record of your complaint and work with you to resolve the issue.
    You can contact Julie on Ph 46592888. Please ring and make an appointment ahead of time to ensure her availability at that time.
  4. Talk with District Office
    If you have discussed the issue with the Principal and still feel that your complaint has not been addressed, you have the right to contact the Executive Director (Schools) who is the supervisor of the Principal and oversees activities of schools in that particular education district of Queensland.
    Complaints can be lodged by telephone or writing. Complaints should be specific in nature and outline steps taken to try to resolve the issue at the school. Remember to date your letter, give your full name and address and sign it. The district office will make a record of the complaint.
    Anonymous complaints will only be acted upon if enough information is provided to allow for follow up with the Principal.
    Toowoomba District Office: 4616 9121
  5. Still not resolved?
    If, as a parent/carer you feel that your issue has not been resolved through the district office process, you have a right to make a complaint to the central office of Education Queensland.
    Parents/carers may choose to progress their complaint in writing to the Deputy-Director General Education Queensland. The Office of Education Queensland will seek to assist the resolution of your complaint through referral to:
    The Executive Director (Schools) for further action or to another department unit for appropriate action.
    The Office of Education Queensland can be contacted at: Education Queensland, PO Box 15033, CITY EAST, Qld 4002
    Tel (07) 3237 0618 or fax (07) 3221 4953
  6. What can the P&C do?
    It is understandable that parents/carers may sometimes feel overwhelmed when approaching a school or the department with a complaint. The QCPCA does not advocate on behalf of individuals parents or carers, individuals can request their own P&C to provide support in these circumstances. The P&C can, in turn seek assistance from QCPCA to provide guidance in resolving the complaint. Complaints about services that are run or managed by the P&C such as the canteen or uniform shop should be directed to the P&C in the first instance.
  7. Final opportunities
    You can also contact the Office of the Ombudsman for independent review of the department's decision.
    GPO Box 3314, Brisbane, Qld 4001
    Tel: (07) 3005 7000 or Toll Free 1800 068 908  



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